Virus & Malware Protection

Virus & Malware Protection In Cambridge

Malware, also called malicious software, is a computer program that corrupts a healthy functioning computer and harms it in many ways. This can infect your software in multiple ways and appear in several forms, including Trojan, viruses, worms, spyware, and so on. Therefore it is necessary to know about the potential hazards and protect your computer against them.

The most common type of malware effecting computers is the virus. It is called so because it spreads by making copies of themselves in significantly less amount of time. Other types include spyware that works to steal your account number, credit card info, etc.

Emails are the most common sources for the spread of malware as they can be disguised to appear as something important or urgent. For example, the recipient can be made to look like a friend, bank, or company.

Therefore you need to be careful with email, especially one that asks for your passwords. They may contain a very catchy message followed by a link. But beware! As mostly all these are scams to corrupt your device. But we have got you covered with the best Virus & Malware Protection in Cambridge.

Personal caution is the primary step to avoid any malware attacking your computer, but only caution is not enough. Even if you download something from a well-known site, you can be a victim of the malware. Therefore you need to take extra care.

Malware security protection is what you need to provide that extra care. We can install a sturdy antivirus program for you to take good care of any potential virus or malware that can destroy your data.

Tailor-made antivirus protection is what you need the most for your protection. It has the quality of checking any new virus that might have been downloaded from the internet. It runs regular scans to eradicate any virus hiding in the files. It is continuously updated to recognize and catch new threats.

Why Use Antivirus and Anti-Malware?

An antivirus program is integral to your computer or laptop’s overall security strategy. It is a software application designed and developed to protect your device or network against various viruses, including Trojan horses, macro, polymorphic, boot sector viruses, etc.

There are dozens of free and paid antivirus programs available on the market. Each application comes with unique features. However, not a single antivirus program is perfect, but it protects your computer by reducing the risk of various threats and penetrations.

The most popular antivirus programs are Norton, Kaspersky, Avast, etc. Although these antivirus programs are effective, the free versions are ineffective, and the premium versions are expensive.

“We Make It Happen” is a professional and licensed computer repair and upgrade company in Cambridge, with experienced computer experts. When performing upgrades, our experts install a state-of-the-art antivirus program with advanced protection features, offering benefits like:

Protection from viruses

Blocks ads and spams

Defence against data thefts

Protection from removable devices

Defence against hacking attempts

Folder, files, and multimedia protection

Does not slow down your computer

Protect against spyware and phishing attacks

Besides, we recommend installing an antimalware program to prevent serious threats. A malware software program installed by “We Make It Happen” during your computer upgrade will scan your data and prevent malware from infecting your device.

Lastly, Antimalware programs are highly effective against advanced attacks, including ransomware. Therefore, it is crucial to run both antivirus and antimalware applications on your computer.

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