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We said we bring excellence in our services and we can prove it. We put into consideration our clients who may not want to bring their system out because of a number of reasons, the size of PC probably a desktop that won’t be easy to carry around or you are working from and you need your system to be attended to without leaving your home or it might raining and you don’t want to risk the water getting into your system yet you can’t for the rain stop. It can be for a number of reason and we have come up with a solution to fix your system for you without you leaving your home.

TeamViewerTM is the application we use to gain remote access to your system and help you solve any software problem on it. It is not a slow VPN and doesn’t have any network restrictions so there is no risk of your data being spread out on the cloud.

Remote access means that we would be able to access the inner/ software parts of your system and help you fix any problem on it.

We teach you how to give us remote access to your system. Don’t worry, TeamViewerTM regulates the security of your system by giving OTP (One-Time-Password). This OTP is what you send to us and when we are done, we can no longer access your system unless you give us the new OTP.

Here are the steps to connect to TeamViewerTM

Step 1. Download and Install the TeamViewerTM software

The safe bet is to download from trusted site and the safest option is to download from their site DOWNLOAD

Step 2. Create a connection I.D and a PIN/Password

You name your computer and set a password.

Step 3. Copy your Connection I.D and Send

Finally, to give access, click on the Remote Access tab on the left of the TeamViewerTM app interface. There your I.D and password will be displayed and that is what you send to the person who wants to connect to your system.

For Mac users, if we were just able to access your system like then what is the increased security for?

Mac users have to give further access for TeamViewerTM to access the Mac. To do this;

Click on the apple menu at the top of the screen> System Preferences> Click on the Security and Privacy icon> Select the ‘Privacy’ tab and from there click on Accessibility.

Go to the bottom part of the small window and click on the lock icon, a dialog box pops up asking for admin password. Input your password then locate the TeamViewerTM icon.

Note: that you should be under the Accessibility option

Check the boxes for any TeamViewerTM files that you found. If it has already been checked then leave it but if not, check the boxes

Now all you have to do is send you Connection I.D and Password to us

It is so convenient.

While the connection I.D stays the same, the password changes every time you boot up the system. So there is no way for anyone to know your current password unless you reveal it to them

With access to your system, we can now make diagnosis and fixes on your system. You should also know that this method is only useful for fixing software problems, do a thorough clean sweep of your system, update drivers, install new software and antivirus, check computer specs to see if RAM and SSD can be upgraded to increase the functionality of your system. If there is a hardware problem, the system may not even boot so there is no way to connect.

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Great service, I mean actually I couldn’t rate any higher, quick service, quick answers easy and safe drop off and pick up. Thank you

Maria Elisabete

Amazing work, very fast and reasonable, great communication throughout, will use again and recommend.

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