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We Make It Happen Tech is a repair company that helps you with problems or faults that your gadgets may have developed. There are experienced technicians that can help you install new updates or Operating System(OS), evaluate, troubleshoot, and detect many kinds of problems or issues that might have affected your computer. Diagnose hardware problems, troubleshoot software problems to make quick but effective repairs. This means that problems resulting from hardware or software can be fixed at We Make It Happen Tech.

In depth knowledge and technical know-how on the different OS we have like Windows, Mac or Linux allows for easy repairs and updates without fear of damaging your laptop in the process. Reinstalling an OS is within the capability of the We Make It Happen Tech company.

The company has top-notch equipment for carrying out various tests to determine just what is wrong with the PC. Is your PC slowing down? You can replace or reboot hard-drive to make it run smoothly once again. Multiple malwares and viruses can infect your laptop and corrupt you files; the company can get rid of any virus and malware on your laptop and help recover the corrupted files that are still redeemable. Ad-wares, and spywares will also be dealt with.

If your hardware can’t keep up with the network connectivity of your laptop, system configurations and hardware tweaks can help it run more smoothly. Fixing laptops screens, dissemble and assemble laptops, installing software, system settings configurations are all part of the package that We Make it Happen Tech offers.

As mentioned above, the company deals in problems that occur occasionally Like screens, network cards, fixing and replacing motherboards, graphics card, video cards, sound cards, and everyday software issues.

Technicians should know about the wiring of hardware devices. They have to install hardware and software. Technicians may also have to provide support for different types of telecom devices, local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), servers, etc. They help prepare and maintain procedures for logging and reporting of incidents.

Technicians adhere to the best practices policies of their organization, besides its specific processes and procedures. They maintain detailed and latest inventory of all computer equipment. Technicians provide training to their team members on how to resolve basic issues that affect their computer systems. They apply software updates and patches as required.

Just send us a quote, takes just 2 min and we will explain the whole process to you.

The company carries the customers along by dicing the problems and explaining to the client in simple understandable terms. The work hours are flexible, client can choose to book an appointment prior to visiting or the company representative and go pick the system.

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All prices include VAT and come with 1-year warranty on site.

Laptop screen changing £39

Laptop charging port replacement plus ac adapter test £29

HARD DRIVE REPLACEMENT WITH COPYING ALL THE DATA AND RE-INSTALLING WINDOWS/MAC OS £29 add £25 and upgrade to SSD (HDD read/write speeds 125MBps while SSD 550MBps)

Fresh Windows 10/11, Linux, Max OS install with Antivirus, Anti-Malware and all the system updates £29 (if there is data to be copied to the new system +£15)

Windows password removal £25

Removing all the Viruses/Malware £23

Speed up your Windows/Mac £25

Motherboard repair (computer not powering on) spillages, shortages, GPU issues – £190

Replacing the battery in Mack Book £25

We offer new batteries, chargers, external SSD drives, FLASH DRIVES, RAM modules, laptop screens etc.

fixing the motherboard after water spillage we manage to save 8/10

We simply Make “IT” HAPPEN

What People Are Saying

Jacob worked hard and resurrected my laptops very reasonable prices excellent service recommending him to anyone with computing problem

Mike Lilley

He upgraded my 5 year old lenovo with a new SSD and doubled the RAM – Windows 10 PRO now boots in 12seconds from powering on! RECOMMEND!!!

Grzegorz Bartek


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