Hardware cleaning, Thermal Paste Replacement

Thermal Paste and Computer Cleaning

Here at We Make It Happen, we understand the importance of computer and laptop maintenance. It is essential for keeping your system running smoothly, whether you use it for gaming, high-level programming, video editing, or any other task.

When left untreated, a computer or laptop can undergo various problems due to the accumulation of dirt, dust, and debris. Not only does this result in slow performance, but it can also damage the internal components.

Running your computer without a thermal paste under the CPU and GPU can take a massive toll on your system. A thermal paste is an essential material that fills microscopic gaps between the CPU/GPU and their heat sinks.

Therefore, We Make It Happen, a professional computer repair shop in Cambridge, recommends thermal paste or compound to keep your system’s CPU or GPU cool, allowing you to maintain high performance and speed.

Why Your CPU and GPU needs a Thermal Paste

Generally, computer repair shops use the thermal paste to keep the CPU and GPU cool, ensuring optimal speed and performance. The paste contains metals with excellent heat conduction properties, preventing the CPU and GPU from overheating.

However, not everyone can apply the thermal paste under the CPU and GPU because it requires careful operation and application. We Make It Happen has professional technicians with years of experience to ensure your computer or laptop does not reach a harmful heat level by applying the thermal paste correctly.

That way, the heat sink accurately expels the heat from the hardware and keeps the processor cool, allowing it to process different applications without slowing down your computer or laptop.

CPU throttling is a significant problem for laptop users who play high-graphics video games or run video editing software applications. The throttling occurs when the processor overheats. If the CPU is not cool, it will not run to its maximum capacity and throttle and cause damages to the system.

Although many users use performance monitoring software, cooling pads, and processes like under-voting and under-clocking, to prevent throttling, applying thermal paste to the CPU is the best way to maintain its efficiency.

We Provide Quality Thermal Paste Services

We Make It Happen is an experienced company with skilled professionals who can apply thermal paste to the CPU and GPU when installing or replacing these components into the motherboard. We ensure everything goes smoothly without damaging the CPU and GPU. The purpose is to ensure your computer or laptop runs efficiently without any issues.

Here at We Make it Happen, we ensure the dab is smaller enough, such as the size of a pea, to avoid damages to these expensive components of your system. Our expert rubs the heat sink against the CPU or GPU in slow and uniform movements to spread the compound properly without causing air bubbles.

Unlike low-quality products, We Make It Happen uses high-end thermal paste products to maintain the optimal performance of an overclocked CPU. That way, the CPU and GPU remain cool for a long even if you run high-graphics games and applications that require increased CPU resources.

If you have a regular laptop or computer, make sure you bring it to We Make It Happen at least once a year or every two years. Likewise, if you have a gaming laptop, we recommend applying the thermal paste to the CPU and GPU at least once a year.

Remember, this is not a DIY task because disassembling the system and assembling it back recovers the expertise of a professional who uses the right tools to get the job done adequately.

Computer Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Laptop cleaning and maintenance services provided by We Make It Happen, a reputable computer repair and refurbishment shop in Cambridge, ensure your system runs at its peak. You may not know, but lint, dirt, and fuzz can trap air in the system, leading to elevated temperature levels that translate to degraded performance.

Here at We Make It Happen, we believe that cleaning and maintaining your laptop is essential for its efficient operation, aesthetic value, and productivity. We recommend cleaning your laptop every six to twelve months to ensure higher efficiency and increased equipment lifespan.

Moreover, laptop cleaning is directly proportional to improved airflow, preventing the system from overheating. Remember, cleaning a laptop thoroughly is not a DIY task. You need a professional technician with years of experience to carry out the process adequately. Otherwise, you may cause irreparable damage to your laptop.

Furthermore, gaming laptops have high-performance parts, including CPUs and GPUs crammed up in smaller chassis. Although the smaller chassis ensure portability, it can cause disruptions to proper airflow. The accumulated dirt and dust can clog exhaust vents and reduce the airflow.

So, bringing your laptop to We Make It Happen, Cambridge can save time and money. Because a gaming laptop is an expensive system, cleaning or maintaining it yourself can avoid the warranty. Purchasing a new system can break the bank if you are on a budget.

Therefore, let the professionals at “We Make It Happen” handle your system. We follow a step-by-step approach to tear apart your laptop in a professional manner, clean all components and even hard-to-reach areas.

We have years of experience, skills, and the right tools on hand to carry out the task quickly and efficiently. Whether you need to maintain your CPU and GPU or overall laptop cleaning, you can trust We Make It Happen computer repairs in Cambridge.

Our customer left us a laptop after a year of usage – it was heating too much – over 80 degrees without a load (should be no more than 55-60) Your laptop fans and inside should be cleaned at least once a year depending on usage

And this is how thermal paste – completely hard doesn`t transmit any heat between the CPU and GPU to the heatsinks. Causing damage to the CPU and affecting performance.

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