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Hello Saas writers, It’s time to take your content to another level!! 

We Make it Happen is always open to individuals with a fresh perspective who are eager to share their knowledge with our audience. We are a renowned technology company specializing in the repair of all types of gadgets, with a particular focus on computer and laptop repairs in Cambridge. 

Our comprehensive range of services includes repairing, upgrading, and selling desktops, laptops, and Mac computers. Our highly skilled team utilizes advanced tools to accurately diagnose and resolve any issues in gadgets or computers, regardless of their complexity or obscurity. With over 15 years of experience in the field of computer repair services in Cambridge, you can trust that our company will provide you with top-notch repairs. Furthermore, feel free to reach out to me for consultations on any topics related to purchasing and repairing your computer. Our services are unparalleled in terms of quality and excellence. We confidently make this claim because we have the ability to substantiate it.

Our blog is designed to cater to business owners, decision makers, and professionals who are actively involved in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry. If you are interested in submitting a guest post, we kindly request that you adhere to the guidelines provided below and utilize the designated form to send us your request for consideration. In order to ensure a consistent and exceptional experience for our audience, we kindly ask that you follow the outlined guidelines when submitting your guest post. 

Write for us Saas – Benefits of collaborating with us

 A killer collab, Yes that is what we are thinking!! 

  • Opportunity to get published on our website and will receive full credit for the blog post that will be published on the SaaS adviser’s website. 
  • Our website features blogs that include an introduction to the writer, allowing the audience to become familiar with you and potentially gain followers. 
  • The unique content we publish has the potential to become popular among our readers, thus increasing your fan base. 
  • With good quality of readers we make it happen offers a tremendous opportunity for exposure and to showcase your writing skills. Additionally, as a writer, you have the chance to receive valuable suggestions for improvement and to enhance your writing skills.


Want To Get Your SAAS Reviewed?

  • We do charge a small fee for reviewing your product because it requires our time to thoroughly test your SAAS and analyze the value it provides or the problem it solves for potential customers. We highly value our time, which is why we charge for this service.
  • Regarding the honesty of our reviews, it is important to note that even though we charge for our services, we are still committed to providing unbiased feedback. We meticulously examine both the strengths and weaknesses of your SAAS and present an accurate assessment of the actual value it offers to buyers.
  • Our team consists of experienced professionals who have collectively built some of the most successful SAAS products. They conduct a comprehensive analysis of your tool, leaving no stone unturned in their evaluation.
  • In order to conduct a thorough review, we would require administrative access to your tools, as well as any other relevant information that you believe is not confidential. We strive to study your product in the best possible manner, so we encourage you to provide us with as much information and access as you can.

Write for us Saas – Guest posting guidelines you need to keep in mind

  • Authenticity is crucial and one of the most significant requirements on this list. Please ensure the quality of your post and uphold the reputation of our blog
  • Articles should be written in small, concise paragraphs, consisting of a maximum of 4-5 lines per paragraph. Utilize simple sentences. 
  • The content must be easily scannable, meaning it should be structured with relevant and comprehensible subtitles. 
  • Prior to writing the content, ensure that you familiarize yourself with our buyer personas, understanding their goals and challenges.
  • It is important to submit unique content that has not been published or copied from elsewhere. 
  • Republishing the same article on any other site is strictly prohibited. 
  • Please ensure that the content you provide is original and of high quality.
  • We strictly avoid accepting poor quality articles as we aim to reach a wide global audience. 
  • It is important to note that writing articles solely for the purpose of improving search engine rankings or brand reputation is not allowed. 
  • Additionally, please include an author bio of 2-3 sentences maximum. We kindly request that you refrain from adding broken links or spam in the content. 
  • When writing, please focus on trending topics as per our requirements. It is essential to submit plagiarism-free, well-structured, and error-free content. 
  • Please use correct spellings and ensure that your content is unique. 
  • The word count should be 1200 or more. 
  • We allow 1 do-follow link and up to 2 source images, which must be within 1200*500 pixels. 
  • Lastly, please note that your guest post or link will be permanent. Thank you for your cooperation.

How to blog post with us?

Please fill out the following query box with your details and submit it. Allow us 10-15 days to review your submission, and we will get back to you promptly. For further inquiries, please contact us at wemakeithappenuk@gmail.com.

Happy Writing!! 

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