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Web design is the layout of the websites that are shown on the internet. This mainly includes the user interface for the website rather than the software. Earlier its primary focus was to design websites for PCs, but now this is increasingly being used to make designs for mobiles and tablet browsers. Based in Cambridge, We Make It Happen offers website design services to a wide range of industries across the UK.

Bespoke website design? What it exactly is?

A bespoke website is a unique website, designed and built from scratch by
professionals and 100% tailored to just about any brand, customer, and goal.
Typically, a designer creates many visuals for you to see a sample model of how your website will look. The website then gets developed, built, and tested according to the signed-off designs and made editable via a Content Management System. (CMS)

So you can add/change content or photos without any website designing experience, and you don`t have to pay anyone to do it for you. Once it’s clear what you’re looking to achieve, the whole point of a bespoke website is that it can be handcrafted around your business and customers to help you achieve these goals.

You do not have to fit into someone else’s pre-made template; your site can be 100% focused around your target customers to give them a great experience, help them do what they want to do, work along with their aims and goals, and ultimately drive them towards your desired outcomes.
We also provide unlimited hosting for your website and allow you to create multiple emails in your domain, e.g.,
Our websites are fully responsive, which means they are available and compatible with different kinds of devices: laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets and can be accessed on most browsers We will help you find a perfect domain for your business (your website address); you will also
have unlimited SSL Certificates and daily backups of your website.

Bespoke website or theme (free website builder) – what’s the difference?

A bespoke website is one that is designed and built for a specific set of users or purpose. All the banners and graphics are custom designed. The off-the-shelf website is a readymade design. Website themes are the way to get your business online fast and low cost. You might have noticed lots of websites that look the same recently. It`s because they are built using a theme.

Themes are stylish and generic templates that you can overlay with your brand elements like logo, colours and visuals. You can download for free, or you can pay for a premium theme if you’d like a slightly higher degree of customisation. With a theme, you know what you’re getting, there’s less development so you don’t need as much technical knowledge and they are great for smaller companies

We Provide Hosting For As Little As 9.99£ A Month. Our Hosting Features:

Unlimited SSD Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth


Unlimited FTP Accounts

Unlimited Databases

Unlimited Email Accounts

Daily Backups

Free Unlimited SSL Certificates

Anti-DDoS Protection

Free Website Transfers

Instant Script Installer

Free SiteLock Lite

Bespoke Websites – Tailored For Your Business

A bespoke or custom website: tailor-made and crafted for you and your company from the ground up, with your specific business objectives, features and functions in mind. This requires more time and money, but a bespoke website means you retain a 100% control of the website ‘look and feel’, the way it addresses customer needs and how it engages target audiences to take action. A bespoke website is a completely unique website, designed and built from scratch by a professional and 100% tailored around your brand, customers and goals. Create personalized bespoke website with the help of our Web Design Cambridge services.

With a bespoke website you can get 100% of what you want. You can achieve a one-of-a-kind unique and professional design that looks like nothing else. You are not limited by any constraints, other than physics and what your designer is capable of producing. This makes bespoke websites great if you need to stand out or require something very specific/ niche.

Bespoke websites enable you to achieve 100% of your vision.

From the very start you’ll be able to decide what it should look like and how it should work. That doesn’t mean you have to stipulate everything yourself; we will work with you to understand your needs, explain the options and advise on the design – that’s our job after all.

Responsive websites
People spend, on average, 3.3 hours a day engaging with digital media on their smartphones. Because of this shift in consumer behavior, it’s no longer enough to have a website that only works from a desktop computer.

What is a responsive website design? A responsive web design automatically adjusts for different-sized screens and viewports. With a responsive website, someone can browse your website from any device and it will still look and function perfectly.

Following are some of the website design services in Cambridge that we provide.

Full site build
Launch a brand new website or online shop, reform an already existing one

Online store format
Add eCommerce updates to an existing website, manage products, payments, or modify categories.

Search engine optimization
Update your already established SEO features or get new ideas for your long-term SEO strategy to increase traffic to your site.

Site functionality
Update your existing site design, enhance User Interface, add customized codes, or attach third-party incorporations.

Design review
You can get professional advice from our skilled team about the final design of your site one last time before it goes live.

Training and support
Customer web training and help regarding general problems that might appear when you set up a website.

Website Design Projects

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