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Living in Cambridge, you’re accustomed to getting the best of everything in record time. As a result, we understand how frustrating it is to be stranded with a broken device. Yes, we’re talking about your beloved iPhone, iPad or MacBook- the personal devices that, even in Cambridge, can bring your life to a halt.


And that is exactly what We Make It Happen super techies are prepared for: they help your devices come back to life in the shortest amount of time possible. Our single goal is to provide the highest quality repair service for your Apple devices. Our secret weapon is our team of highly experienced and trained technicians who use cutting-edge technology and the most recent repair protocols to repair iPhone, iPad and MacBook to perfection and consistently delight our customers!

The best part is that you can have your prized devices like the iPad, iPhone, and MacBook repaired without leaving your house. Our logistics partners will collect the damaged device from your home and deliver it to our lab. We will return the device to you once it has been repaired.

So, give our super techs a call if you have a fast-draining battery, a broken camera, a cracked screen, or a water-damaged device. You can be confident that your phone is in good hands in Aamchi Mumbai because we only use genuine parts for all repairs.

Why Should You Choose Our Iphone Repair Services in Cambridge?

We have knowledgeable technicians who can fix anything from cracked screens, camera issues, and water damage to any other hardware or software issue. For us, no problem is too big or too small. Rapid Repair ensures that all our services adhere to the four pillars of Quality, Experience, Genuine Parts, and Quick Service.

What are the common issues we fix:

  1. Broken Screen

A broken screen is not only an eyesore; it is also hazardous to use. Splinters can cause injuries to your fingers or ears. There’s no need to live with a cracked screen when our expert technicians can perform OnePlus and iPhone screen repairs in the shortest amount of time.

  1. Water damage

Water damage can be challenging to repair because it depends on the extent of the damage. As a result, before attempting to resolve the problem, it is critical to assess the type and severity of the damage. For this purpose, our technicians perform a thorough diagnostic check before proceeding with the repair work.

  1. Replacement of the camera

We have the resources and expertise to fix any camera-related issue you may be experiencing, such as flickering videos or a flash that isn’t working, so you can start clicking to your heart’s content.

  1. Repair of Speakers and Microphones

Is your iPhone or iPad producing a distorted sound? Perhaps there is no sound at all! Don’t be concerned. Rapid Repair can quickly resolve this issue and get your device back up and running.

  1. Battery or Charging Problems

Is your iPhone charging slowly or not charging at all? Is the battery draining too quickly? Allow our expert technicians to quickly diagnose the issue and replace the battery or charging port.

  1. Repairing a Hard Drive

Do you see the folder icon when you boot your MacBook? Or is your MacBook’s hard drive extremely slow when accessing data? Allow our technicians to diagnose and resolve the issue for you

  1. Keyboard Repair

If your MacBook’s keyboard isn’t responding or only a few keys are acting up, let our skilled technicians diagnose and resolve the problem for you. They will thoroughly diagnose the problem and resolve it as soon as possible.

  1. Trackpad Restoration

Our team handles all MacBook repairs with the utmost precision and speed. So, regardless of the issue, you can expect an accurate diagnosis and flawless repair work with your trackpad in the shortest time possible.

How do our Cambridge Iphone repair services work?

When your Apple device is damaged, you’re probably concerned about where you can get it repaired. Fortunately, we eliminates the need to travel. We will come to you, no matter where you are in Cambridge.

Here is what you must do:

  1. Please get in touch with us at (+44) 749 792 5760 or submit your repair request online.
  2. Post your Iphone to our manufacturer via mail. We’ll try our best to fix your issues under 3 hours.
  3. We’ll mail your fixed Iphone back to you at no extra charges.

This is what you must do.

  1. Switch off your device.
  2. Remove any SIM/SD Card.
  3. Take off any casing, cover, or accessories.
  4. Place the device in the bubble case and then in the box.
  5. After that, properly tape the box, place it in the shipping bag, and apply the shipping label.


  • Our technicians will perform a few diagnostic tests to determine the exact problem(s) before beginning the repair process.
  • Before we begin the repair, we will inform you of your device’s problem(s), how long the repair will take, and if the initial estimate has changed.
  • When the repair is finished, we will send you a video of the repaired device, and once you are satisfied, we will ship it back to you.


Our Iphone repair experts are waiting for you.

Cambridge iPhone Repair

We can provide the best iPhone repair services in Mumbai with complete precision, transparency, and authenticity of parts, regardless of the iPhone model or issue. Whether your iPhone’s cameras are not working correctly, the screen has gone completely blank, or there is another type of hardware or software issue with your device, our skilled technicians will diagnose the issue quickly and return your phone to you as good as new. When you give us your iPhone, you can be confident in the quality because we only use genuine spare parts to give your device a new lease on life.

iphone iPad Repair

Why waste time looking for an iPad repair center when we make it so simple with the assistance of our logistics partners? They can easily collect the faulty iPad from your location and return it to us for Repair. And once the job is completed, we will courier it to you. We can also work with all iPad models, including the iPad Pro 11′′, iPad Pro 12.9′′ 3rd Generation, iPad Air 3, iPad Mini, iPad 2, iPad 7, iPad 6, and others. We deal with all of these issues daily and can resolve them quickly to restore your device to its original glory, whether it’s a fast draining battery, a blank screen, or your iPad not powering up.

Iphone MacBook Repair

We handle all software and hardware issues with all MacBook models and offer Cambridge’s best and most dependable MacBook repair service. We only hire the most qualified technicians who understand exactly what they are doing. We specialize in the following MacBook models: MacBook Pro 2019, MacBook Pro 2018, MacBook Air 2019, MacBook Air 2018, MacBook Air 2017, MacBook Air 2014, MacBook 2017, MacBook 2014, and others.

We aim for excellent customer service. Contact us today.

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Excellent service, really helpful and excellent value for money. Helped me find exactly the right laptop for my needs.

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