A leading name in Cambridge, We Make IT Happen provides exceptional data recovery services for small and medium-sized businesses. We have successfully retrieved data and fought with malware in data over the years. So if you panic after losing your valuable data due to natural disasters, ransomware, human error, or system shutdown, you can count on us to recover what is lost.

We Understand The Trauma Of Losing Valuable Information

Losing data can be very stressful since it can have consequences that can affect your business immensely. We have a team of highly skilled professionals who ensure your data is not lost forever. We can restore corrupted, changed, or damaged data from laptops, mobile phones, and other devices. We are the most affordable data recovery company in Cambridge. Our consultants give you the best prices and provide some restoration for free.

Follow The Easy Data Recovery Process

Step One: Reach out

We have a team of responsive representatives who are just a call away. These professionals provide data recovery consultation to understand your needs and provide you with a plan that will help retrieve lost information.

Step Two: Free trial

We provide a free evaluation of your corrupted device and follow a roadmap to recovering data. In addition, we give you an affordable quote of the best solution for your case through this trial, along with details about delivery time and the services involved. We also provide a sample of the level of recovery possible.

Step three: Data Recovery

Once you agree to the terms laid out by our team, We start the data recovery process. At we make it happen, we have the latest software and tools required to restore files from USB devices, OTG drives, data storage devices, and laptops. Once we have recovered your data, we send it to you through a secure server with an encryption code to prevent hacking.

We cater to all your data recovery needs

Our services

Recovery For Deleted Or Virus-Infected Files

We provide professional restoration of data lost due to a virus in the device. Similarly, in the case of ransomware, we provide alternate backups and restore lost data. In these conditions, our technicians are also skilled at editing and fixing specific parts of videos that may have been corrupted due to a bug in the system.

Data Recovery From Damaged Devices

We provide data recovery services for devices that unexpectedly shut down and cannot start. Moreover, we have specific tools to restore data in case of physical damage like a broken screen or water damage to a laptop or a mobile phone.

Data Backup Services

Protect Your Data From Unexpected Mishaps

We also provide our clients with secure backup options, apart from our data recovery services. These backup solutions will help store your data online and make it accessible from any device at any time. This added security is essential for business enterprises to protect their data in the long run and save the cost of a professional data recovery service.

Why Your Company Needs A Cloud Backup

A cloud backup is an online backup of your important files accessible from any device using a browser. You have to schedule a backup time, and our intelligent cloud will update automatically, keeping all your files safe. In addition, our cloud has the highest level of security and will protect your data from being corrupted by an intruder.

Data Protection Of Premium Quality

We offer off-site backups, which are becoming widely popular among businesses. Contrary to local backups, off-site is robust and efficient. These storage options can store data from the past and future, making them beneficial to store sensitive files. We offer this service at a competitive market price which will save you the cost and time spent maintaining and repairing local backups.

Why Are We The Best In Cambridge?

Flexible Packages

Data recovery is often an unexpected expense, and we don’t want to overburden our clients. Hence, we offer packages that fit your budget and get the work done. Every customer is valuable, and we want to help relieve the stress of losing data.


Transparent Communication

We don’t like to keep you in the dark and will share the level of recovery possible before we start the process. This way, you know what to expect and can choose services accordingly.


Security Guaranteed

Whether it is our backup service or data recovery, we ensure that your sensitive data is in safe hands. We provide our clients with encryption keys without which access to data is impossible. Moreover, our technicians keep your data confidential during recovery, ensuring no third party can extract that information.


Expert In The Field

We have a very high success rate when it comes to recovering data. Using the finest software and top-quality tools, we have retrieved data that other companies had no hope in. Although very rare, we provide a refund for the service if we cannot recover data.




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